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Happy Birthday Marilyn

From Women of Strength and Inner Beauty!
We hope your day is as Special as You..

Special Wishes

The regal Sun was dancing on a cloud,
"No rain today, it's not allowed!
But do bring along some rainbow skies,
filled with laughing butterflies.

The mighty Ocean let out a roar,
wishing to celebrate a friend he adored.
He filled the air with a velvet mist,
to send his wishes in a dewy kiss.

The Meadows and the Mountains also smiled,
eager to honor a favorite child,
They asked the Sun if they could play
and do their part on this special day.

So on a warm and wistful breeze,
A thousand birthday wishes were squeezed,
And sent with love along the way-
To wish you a very Happy Birthday today!

©Tita Scorpio

Pages Made with TLC by Asst-Head Celebrator Diane
and the WOSIB Celebrations Garden